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The selection of insulating refractory application in metallurgical industry


Heat insulation refractory refers to high porosity and low bulk density, low thermal conductivity of refractory materials. Its characteristic is with porous structure (porosity is commonly 40% ~ 85%) and high insulating the stays.


Heat insulation refractory materials used for thermal insulation layer of kiln of more, lining or thermal insulation layer, can save fuel consumption. Many varieties, mainly with light refractory products, heat insulation monolithic refractories and refractory fibre and its products.

Mainly include lightweight silica brick, clay bricks, high aluminum brick and alumina hollow ball products. The bulk density of lightweight refractory products, as a general rule, be 0.6 1. 2 g/cm3, using temperature is 900 ~ 1350 C  commonly. Alumina hollow ball can be used under  1800 C  for a long time.


Is a fibrous refractories, refractory fiber is a new type of high thermal insulation material. Main production methods of refractory fiber melt blowing method, high speed centrifugation and colloid method.


Silicate aluminum refractory fiber refractory fiber main variety, containing zirconium silicate aluminum refractory fiber, high purity alumina refractory fiber, polycrystalline mullite fiber, alumina fiber, zirconium oxide fibers, etc. Also used in cryogenic insulation slag cotton, glass fiber, etc. Refractory fibre is a refractory fiber as main raw materials, processed into all kinds of blankets, blanket, board, rope, paper and other high temperature heat insulation material.


Refractory fiber products of the bulk density of small, low thermal conductivity, good thermal stability and mechanical shock resistance. Refractory fibre density is only 0. 1 ~ 0.2 g/cm3. Made of kiln lining refractory fiber products, small heat loss, save fuel, warming faster, particularly for intermittent operation kiln furnace. In addition, refractory fibre has soft, easy to machining, construction is convenient wait for a characteristic. At present, the production and application of refractory fiber get rapid development, metallurgical and other industrial enterprise's need for refractory fiber has become more and more urgent. After using refractory fiber all kinds of high temperature furnace, energy saving effect significantly improved.